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Pantera L

Trudi couture

Size:One size

Pantera M

Trudi couture

Size:One size

Trudi Couture

A hymn to MADE IN ITALY, branded Trudi.

A product conceived, designed, embroidered and produced in Italy, by the skillful hands of expert artisans.

The thick and bright black coat of the iconic Iris panther becomes a canvas, where foliage, petals and flowers are inserted between golden threads and colour spots, in a perfect crasis between embroidery and fur.

Statuesque poses and austere expressions make this product elegant and timeless.

The refinement of details is also expressed in the silver, glittering eyes and the three-dimensional, tactile paws.

Each part of the product is unique and has its own, unrepeatable design.

A soft toy that becomes a jewel: bright, refined and precious.

A Trudi Couture.