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Ancient games Sevi History Sevi’s history is already enclosed in its name, which combines the initials of the founder’s son (Senoner Vinzenz).

Josef Anton Senoner In 1831 the young carving and inlaying craftsman Josef Anton Senoner founds in Ortisei (Val Gardena) the company that would become famous all over the world for the style and philosophy of its wooden toys, furniture and furnishing accessories.

passport fam. Senoner Curiosity Sevi is probably Europe’s oldest brand of wooden toys and accessories: it was born out of the skillful hands of the Senoner family, that in the long winters in Val Gardena gathered around the stube (typical stove) and worked wood.

Rocking Horse Sevi 1888

Sevi Wooden Figurines


Horses Sevi 20sHistory At the beginning of the 1920s the Sevi toys exited the local market for the first time and were exported and appreciated in the neighbouring valleys. All the items were still completely handmade: small masterpieces, different from one another.

Sevi LogoCuriosity In these years the first miniature carousels, spinning tops and marionettes are made.

Sevi barrow

Sevi horse

Sevi horse

Sevi puppet


Cradle for Sevi doll 40s History For competition reasons and to meet the growing market requirements, in these years the first machines are used to support the craftsmen’s skills, thanks to the founder’s grandson Adolf Senoner.

Sevi cartSevi widens its range of toys with large-sized items, such as the first rocking horses, carts and wheelbarrows and dolls cots.

Pull Along SeviCuriosity Sevi widens its range of toys with large-sized items, such as the first rocking horses, carts and wheelbarrows and dolls cots.

Sevi Duckling


Sevi Bookends 50s History The booming economy leads to the spread of the habit of giving children small gifts or “surprises”. Sevi, inspired by this trend, dedicates itself to the creation of gifts addressed to children and their world: not only toys, but also objects that express warmth and friendliness.

Statuette Sevi 50s Curiosity The first boxes for containing milk teeth are created and the production of yo-yos decorated with always new characters is increased.

Toy car Sevi 60s

Surprise by Sevi 60s


Worktable Sevi 1970 History Sevi’s reference market is no longer only Italian, now it also includes Central and Northern Europe. In order to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market, the first production outsourcing processes are started.

Work Tools Sevi 1970 Curiosity The production of money boxes, carillons and carousels is increased. The collections are enriched with a new character: Pinocchio, probably the most famous character in Sevi’s history.

Theater Sevi 1971

Pinocchio Carillon Sevi 1977

Pinocchio Statuette Sevi 1972z/en> Statue Pinocchio Sevi 1972Pinocchio Statuette Sevi 1972Statuette Pinocchio Sevi 1972

Little Train Sevi 1972

Sevi Farm 1976

Pinocchio Sevi 1977


Child with his plane Sevi, 1980History These are the years of the brand’s boom. The Happy Clown character is born, which would have great success over the years and is still very successful, restyled in the Le Cirque line.

Puppet painting Sevi 1980Curiosity Sevi invents the wooden alphabet, the famous letters that by now have become the brand’s symbol and in the same years the great success of the wooden jewellery line starts. The first licences and collaborations with important illustrators are started, such as that with Francesco Tullio Altan and his faithful and famous Pimpa, that appears on furniture, carillons, marionettes and many other accessories.

Carpenter Sevi 1980

Bookends Sevi 1982

Bedroom Sevi Lamp 1983

Rooster Sevi 80s

Puppet Vinzez Sevi 1989

Happy Clown 80s


Sevi Baby Buggy 1992History In 1998 Sevi is acquired by the Trudi company, remaining faithful to its founder’s principles and to the values that have made it famous: woodcraft, the creativity of its collections and the care for its products’ quality.

Sevi puppet by Mordillo, 1992

Sevi puppet by Mordillo, 1992Curiosity In these years the important collaboration with Guillermo Mordillo – one of the world’s most famous cartoonist is strengthened – adding colour and fun to the already amusing Sevi world.

Carillon Sevi by Mordillo, 1992

Jewelry set Sevi 1995

Jewelry set Sevi 1995

Carillon Sevi 1999

Frame Sevi 1999


Pinocchio room decorations Sevi 2000

City Play Set Sevi 2004History Today Sevi is an internationally well-known and appreciated brand that offers an increasingly wide range of toys, decorations and accessories.

Buildings by Sevi 2009Its toy collections are richer and richer and include important items for stimulating learning and creativity, such as the imitation toys for little boys and girls.

Parking garage Sevi 2009Curiosity In 2011 Sevi will celebrate its 180° anniversary with the cheerfulness and joy that have always distinguished its history and…a lot of surprises!

Push Along Zoo Kid Sevi 2001

Room decorations Glückspilz Sevi 2000

Sevi farm 2001

Sevi farm 2001

Felix the Clown Toothbrush Sevi 2001

Room Decorations Zoo Kid, Sevi 2001

Push Along Sevi 2003

Sevi Cubes 2005

Sevi kitchen 2009

Sevi Dollhouse 2010

Sevi Dollhouse 2010

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