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Marionetta Gorilla

Marionetta Gorilla

Product code: 29810

Availability: En existencia

Trudi 3D puppet have become larger, in order to tell even more enchanting stories! The Gorilla puppet is realised with a material that gives flexibility and softness, while the colours chosen reproduce faithfully the animal. This item in conceived as a puppet to stimulate the fantasy of little ones and grown ups, but also as a cuddly plush! His large ears and the cheeky expression transmit sweetness and friendship The item is machine washable at 30 °. As an alternative it can be washed by hand, using a sponge and mild soap.
Dimensions cm22x30x19
Dimensions inches 8,7x11,9x7,5
Talla: M
Altura: 31 (cm)
Ancho: 25 (cm)
Depth: 22 (cm)
€ 29,99
(VAT included)

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