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Pallottoliere Abecedario 2.0

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  • Pallottoliere Abecedario 2.0
  • Pallottoliere Abecedario 2.0
  • Pallottoliere Abecedario 2.0

Abacus &alphabet 2,0

Product code: 83041

Availability: En existencia

A, B, C& 1, 2, 3& A four-in-one item rich in activities for great fun: in addition to a colourful abacus,that will teach to count and to give value to emotions, you will also ûnd a speller, where to each letter corresponds an animal with the same initial, a nice clock with movable hands and a side where you can communicate your feelings though colourful emojii funny gears to be turned! All paints and material used are non-toxic, highly resistant and comply with the existing rules.
Altura: 13 (cm)
Ancho: 31 (cm)
Depth: 27.5 (cm)
€ 49,99
(VAT included)

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