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Trudi Classic
The protagonists of this world are baby and adult animals realistically interpreted with a touch of friendliness and sweetness. All the animals are represented in families where the smallest characters have baby animal proportions that, as their size increases, become adult animal proportions.
The soft and precious materials are the distinguishing element of each character and allow to precisely define the shapes and faithfully reproduce every detail.

Trudi More
Trudi’s animals interact with children and share their world with them. Each line comprises a specific educational or playing concept to develop children’s imagination, created with great attention to the smallest details and Trudi’s typical design.
The soft fabrics used are the common thread with the other Trudi worlds and are chosen to enhance the functionality of the new toys.

Trudi Tender
The undisputed protagonists of the Tender world are the animals, interpreted in scale, according to the design that characterises each line. The common element of all the lines are the destructured shapes, which make the items soft toys to be hugged; the distinguishing element is unique and always different design.
The materials, long-haired and soft or short-haired and colourful, are chosen to highlight the personality of this line and ensure the softness of the characters.

Trudi Collectable
The animals of the classic world, made in increasingly smaller sizes, become funny keyrings, precious trinkets, sweet miniatures: little masterpieces that enclose Trudi’s essence and art. A variety of lines designed to provide emotions and express the sweetest side of one’s personality.
The materials, which are the distinguishing element of these creations, are selected according to their characteristics to interpret the tiny shapes or to enhance the sweetness of the characters.

Trudi Events
A world of small characters to express big emotions. Small and gentle Sweet Collection to express more romantic messages. Trudini to celebrate the most traditional festivities in an original way and always-new characters to celebrate the most important achievements in life.